Gospel Living, Ministry & Leadership

  • Gospel Living Component
  • In Depth Bible Study of Galatians & Revelation
  • Optional Mission Assignments (not currently available)

  • This course is currently only available on download for self study
  • Cost £160
  • To request the download contact Sara

Gospel Living and Ministry

  • Exploring in greater depth the gospel of grace and its application to our lives for heart and life transformation
  • Exploring the implications of that for church life, ministry and leadership
  • 2 ‘optional assignments’
  • Encouraged to keep a ‘spiritual journal’ during the course

Galatians and Revelation

  • Verse by verse interactive study of these 2 NT books

Why study Galatians?

“Galatians has time and again released the true gospel from the bonds in which well-meaning but misguided people have confined it so that it can once more exert its emancipating power in the life of mankind, empowering those who receive it to stand fast in the freedom with which Christ has set them Free” FF Bruce

Why Study Revelation?

“The goal of Revelation is to bring encouragement to believers of all ages that God is working out His purposes even in the midst of tragedy, suffering and apparent Satanic domination. It is the Bible’s battle cry of victory, for in it, more than anywhere else in the NT is revealed the final victory of God over all the forces of evil. As such, it is an encouragement to God’s people to persevere in the assurance that their final reward is certain and to worship and glorify God despite trials and despite temptations to march to the world’s drumbeat”. Greg Beale