Ministry Training Course

The North West Gospel Partnership offers training which is ideal for anyone wishing to serve their local church. We are hoping to run the following courses in 2021-2022.

  • Introductions Day (Leyland) – 18th September
  • 1st year
    • Tuesday evening (online) – start 28th Sept
    • Thursday day time (Leyland) – start 23rd Sept
    • Saturday monthly – part 2 (Leyland)
  • 2nd Year
    • Thursday day time (Leyland)- start 23rd Sept
    • Thursday evening (Online) – start 23rd Sept

Why we do it

As a Partnership we long to see more people committing themselves to full-time gospel ministry in our churches.

When the Bible is taught God’s voice is heard. Teachers who ‘rightly handle’ the Word of truth are essential in today’s church. Whether in the congregation, home group, children’s or youth groups, indeed wherever the Bible is taught, we need people who can teach God’s Word in the power of the Spirit.

Over 1900 students have now studied on one of our daytime or evening courses over the last 17 years and our prayer is that more people will be raised up to be able to teach God’s word.

Who’s it for

The courses are one-day-a-week for those who want to understand the Bible better and be equipped to teach it to others. 

For those who are not able to commit to one day/evening a week we run a once a month Saturday morning course over 2 years covering the same material as the evening course.

Many churches use this as a resource for their Ministry Trainees, as well as for individuals who would like to be trained, and are not in paid ministry.

It is ideal for church workers and apprentices, preachers, gap-year students, youth and children’s workers, home group leaders, women’s workers and those in student ministry, indeed any who are actively involved in teaching the Bible and desire to be better equipped. It is not restricted to those in paid Christian work, we have many people in full time secular appointments who access our evening & Saturday course.

If you are not quite sure, then why not sign up for the FREE Taster Evening on zoom on 14th June. Contact Sara to register for the evening.


1st Year

The daytime course covers: Biblical Theology, Exposition, Practical Ministry and Hands on Training. The evening and Saturday courses cover: Biblical Theology, Exposition and Hands on Training. 

  1. Biblical Theology – An overview of the whole Bible, looking at how God’s Word fits together
  2. Exposition – After covering the tools of interpreting and applying the Bible passage there will be worked expositions through a number of Bible books, focusing on how to teach and apply them
  3. Hands on Training – A chance to gain experience in giving talks with feedback from ministers and preachers. After preparing passages in the first term, each student will practise giving talks and feedback
  4. Practical Ministry – Visiting lecturers will bring their own expertise on a whole range of practical aspects of ministry. Subjects include Children & Youth, Evangelism, Christian Leadership, Counselling, Growing Churches
2nd Year

The daytime course covers: Systematic Theology, Exposition and Hands on Training, and an in-depth study of Romans. The evening course will cover: In-depth study of Romans, Exposition and Hands on Training.

  1. Systematic Theology – Visiting lecturers will introduce you to key Biblical Doctrines
  2. Exposition – After covering the tools of interpreting and applying the Bible passage there will be worked expositions through a number of Bible books, focusing on how to teach and apply them
  3. Hands on Training – A chance to sharpen your practice talks and feedback skills
  4. An in-depth and interactive study of the book of Romans 

Introductions Day for online students

Following feedback from online students last year, we have added an additional day to the timetable on Saturday 18th September. This will be at St Andrews in Leyland (PR25 3EL) from 9.30 – 1pm. Attendance is not compulsory but we do recommend you attend if you can. This will give you an opportunity to meet Mark and the other online students on your course, enabling a less awkward start to the online sessions.

“The Parables of Jesus”

Jesus, the ‘master story teller’, told wonderful parables to help us understand great truths about God – right? ….so how does that fit with “for others they are in parables so that seeing they may not see and hearing they may not understand” ?! (Luke 8:10) It seems his parables and reason for teaching them is perhaps not as straightforward as we might at first think.

This is a chance to look at some of the parables of Jesus together. Which ever course you have signed up for this coming year, this morning will be suitable for you as we do not look in depth at the parables in any of our present courses

3 Interactive sessions on the Parables of Jesus

  • The Parable of the Sower & the Seed Mark 4
  • The Unforgiving Servant Matthew 18
  • The Lost Sheep, Lost Coin & Prodigal Son Luke 


  • Daytime courses: £550
  • Evening Courses: £350
  • Saturday Course: £240

The Tim Peters Training Fund

If you have a desire to undergo training to serve the local church, but are restricted from doing so financially, then this is the fund for you. The website is

Please contact for an application form or further information.


The North West Gospel Ministry Training Course is led by Mark Pickles. Mark taught at Oak Hill Theological College for a number of years and is known as a Bible teacher. He has had over twenty years experience of pastoral ministry in a variety of churches, most recently in Cheshire.

Mark is supported by regular lectures from leaders of North West Gospel Partnership Churches. These include:

  • Mark Simpson
  • George Crowder
  • Jonny Lee
  • Timothy Wickham
  • Steve James
  • Jonty Rhodes
  • Josh Probert
  • Gerry Straker
  • Chris Young
  • Steve & Jane Casey
  • Andrew Raynes
  • Philip Venables
  • Simon Gales
  • Robin Barfield
  • Chris Slater
  • Applications

    We are welcoming applications for the 2021/22 term for our daytime and evening courses. Please download and complete the relevant application form.