Membership affirms a commitment to Gospel Partnership and provides an identity that clarifies and communicates where churches and ministers stand and what they stand for.

There are two memberships available:

  1. Church Partnership where a church enters the Partnership, in accordance with its own decision making procedures
  2. Individual Partnership for ministers where the church they serve is not yet in a position to become a member

Church Partnership and Individual Partnership are open to churches and ministers who subscribe to the doctrinal basis of the Partnership, who are clearly in sympathy with the purpose, aims and goals of the Gospel Partnership, and who are committed to fulfilling the commitments of Partnership of NWGP.

Why join the North West Gospel Partnership?

We believe that churches and their leaders are prepared to invest time, energy and money in a regional gospel partnership when they see the potential value of that partnership for the progress of
the gospel. Joining NWGP is a great way to…

  1. Share and encourage good practices of healthy gospel ministry.
  2. Cooperate (e.g., coordinating activities and sharing resources) in the wider gospel mission in the region (e.g., in training leaders, evangelism, and church planting).
  3. Create and sustain responsibility for gospel advance in our region.
  4. Promote and sustain relationships of mutual support and accountability between leaders (and to some extent churches); relationship which can counter isolation and isolationism and help to keep people (and churches) going in healthy gospel ministry.
  5. Demonstrate a visible and active unity between churches that commends the gospel before a watching world.

How can I/we join the NWGP?

  1. Download the form and agree with the doctrinal basis and the commitment of partners.
  2. If you are joining as a church, go through your internal leadership processes to agree to join the NWGP, and then complete and return the form saying you wish to join the partnership.
  3. If you’re joining as an individual, complete and return the form saying you wish to join the partnership.
  4. You’ll get a reminder each January asking you to renew your membership by re-committing to the doctrinal basis of the partnership and the commitment of partners.

If you would like more information contact our administrator and she can link you with a Trustee or local Representative to talk through what membership might mean for you.

Who else is a Gospel Partner?

See our churches page to see who else is a Gospel Partner.