Saturday Study Days

With some of our evening courses  on Zoom, we have planned 3 optional extra in-person days dotted through the year. These will be held on Saturday mornings from 9:30-1:00pm and available to anyone. The cost is £5 but free to anyone who is attending any of the current courses.

Why Are We Running These?

The great advantage of running our evening courses online is that they can then be accessible to anyone, anywhere in the Partnership without the need to travel long distances. One of the big disadvantages is that it is harder to get to know one another and have more time for informal discussion over a coffee as we can do with the in-person courses.  So these days provide the opportunity to meet up with one another and spend some time together in a more personal and relaxed way then is often possible over Zoom.

Each of the days are ‘stand alones’ so you can pick and choose which, if any, you would like to come to. Each of them connects with and links to a course that we are currently running, but all the days are open to anyone.

What are they?

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