Graduate Diploma in Theology

Study part time and continue serving in a local church.

Ever since the North West Gospel Partnership started we’ve been trying to offer the very best, most accessible, reasonably priced training for people in churches throughout our region who want to be more effective in ministry.

The Ministry Training Course has equipped well over 1,000 people for better Bible handling. But we’re conscious that there are some roles in our churches – such as youth and children’s workers, pastors, women’s workers and evangelists – where people need more detailed and specialist training than the MTC can offer.

There are a number of excellent theological colleges in the UK and around the world, but going to them often means major upheaval to family and ministry and can be extremely expensive. Distance learning is very flexible and often much cheaper but can be lonely and means you don’t get to form a group of peers who are training with you and can encourage you in ministry.

“Learning Communities” are an attempt to bring together the strengths of both models; materials provided by experienced and expert academics in a theological college combined with personal input from local tutors in a classroom setting.

We are partnering with Union School of Theology which means that students will be able to study together for their excellent Graduate Diploma and Masters level degree programmes at our centre in Liverpool.

There is also opportunity to study this course with one of our partner churches in Oldham or in Whitehaven (more information can be found via the Union School of Theology Website)

The Course

Over two year students will study core theological subjects including Christology, salvation, preaching, pastoral theology, the Church, missions, Greek or Hebrew, Biblical theology and church history.

Our vision is that this will enable those God has gifted for pastoral ministry to get top-quality theological training from Union, in a learning community with others, without having to uproot families and leave the churches in which they are currently serving.

More information

Anybody who would like to know more about the courses should contact the office on 0151 703 1873 or click here for more information and to apply.