The Vibe

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6 packed days away on holiday with a load of others from around the North West. It’s going to be amazing!

There’s sport, swimming, craft, cooking, wide games, or just relaxing in the sun. There will also be opportunity to explore Shrewsbury and the beautiful countryside around. during off-site activities such as going to the beach, mountain biking, caving, rock climbing and more!

Based at the stunning Adcote School, with all the facilities on-site and only a short drive away to so much more! The accommodation is great with comfy beds, lounges, games rooms, and the grounds to sit enjoying the sun. The food is fantastic and there’s lots of it!

During the week we will be looking at the Bible and getting to grips with what God really says. There will be short talks, small group Bible studies, seminars or just chatting. You can even ask any question you have.

The leaders are all volunteers from churches around the North West and many of them you may have met at Sound events.

So whether you love to get involved with challenges or take a more relaxed approach, The Vibe has something for you. Why not join us this year and make friendships and memories that will last?

And in case your parents are wondering, if you book and pay some or all of the money, and government restrictions mean that it can’t happen, you will get a full refund!

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