Pray for NWGP

In our shared work work of proclaiming Christ to the glory of God in the North West, we are faced with two striking realities. First, we are faced with the reality that God has called us to go and do that which, ultimately, only God Himself can do (2 Tim. 3.16). Second, we are encouraged that our God rejoices to grant our requests and petitions (Matt. 9.38; Luke 11.5-13). We’re faced with the impossibility of achieving the task set before us without divine intervention, and the sweet, glorious promise that God longs to intervene as we cry out to him. 

God has shown us that Spirit-enabled prayer truly is the engine-room of the church, and so we’d like to encourage you to pray for the needs of partnership churches. To help you do so, we’ve created a PrayerMate feed which will share the prayer requests of partnership churches to your smartphone. We also have a prayer request wall on our website

If you lead a partner church, we’d love you to submit prayer requests using the submission form to help us lift one another’s needs up to our Heavenly Father who loves to give good gifts to those who ask (Luke 18.1-8). Do get in contact with Sara for a link to the form.

We greatly appreciate your partnership, and pray this would be a helpful resource for us as individuals, as local churches and as a whole partnership to see the gospel proclaimed further and wider into the region through our union with the Lord Jesus.

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